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Sweetbird Chocolate Syrup 1ltr

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  • Sweetbird Chocolate Syrup

    The essence of true chocolatiness, not too sweet and not too bitter – just right.


    Minty Mocha

    • 1 pump Sweetbird Mint syrup
    • 1 pump Sweetbird Chocolate syrup
    • Steamed milk
    • Double espresso
    Combine espresso and syrup. Top with steamed milk. Inhale!

    Mocha Martini

    • 2 pumps Sweetbird Chocolate syrup
    • Double espresso
    • 2 shots vodka
    • Ice
    • 3 coffee beans (to garnish)
    Place the syrup, espresso and vodka in a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice and shake hard. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with the coffee beans.


    • 1 pump Sweetbird Chocolate sauce
    • 1 pump Sweetbird Strawberry syrup
    • 1 pump Sweetbird Vanilla syrup
    • 350ml steamed milk
    Add Chocolate syrup to bottom of cup, fill to one-third with steamed milk and stir. In a separate pitcher combine Strawberry and Vanilla syrup with one-third milk and steam, then pour this milk syrup mix in on top of chocolate mix. Now top with a thick layer of dense foam. The drink should look layered – just like the ice cream!


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