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Kenyan AA 250g

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  • Kenyan AA Coffee Beans 250g Retail Bags

    Enjoy this blend with this handy stand-up pouch. Perfect for displaying and protectively storing your beans with easy-open tear notches and a re-sealable zipper to preserve freshness. 

    The highlands of Central Kenya provide excellent conditions for coffee plants to flourish. Rich, loamy soil and the perfect balance of sunlight and rainfall go a long way to producing Kenya’s famous coffee. Known for its intense flavour, full body and pleasant aroma, high grade Kenyan coffee is one of the most sought after coffees in the world.  

    Kenyan AA is a classification of Kenyan coffee grading, comprised of only the largest, best-shaped and densest coffee beans available on the high plateaus of Mount Kenya and through the Great Rift Valley from which they are cultivated.  

    These beans are richest in the precious aromatic oils integral to creating the amazing aroma and distinctive flavour that is appreciated by coffee aficionados and connoisseurs around the world. 

    Our Kenyan AA beans have been lightly roasted to allow their natural brightness to shine through. Enjoy citrus, fruit flavours, wine-like acidity and nutmeg and berry aromatics.

    Strength: 1/5


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