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Sweetbird Strawberry Syrup 1ltr

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  • Sweetbird Strawberry Syrup

    That familiar summer flavour, full of sweet juiciness. Try it with white chocolate and you won’t be disappointed.


    Summer Fruit Milkshake

    • 1 pump Sweetbird Strawberry syrup
    • 1 pump Sweetbird Raspberry syrup
    • 1 pump Sweetbird Blueberry syrup
    • Half scoop Zuma Vanilla Bean frappé
    • Milk
    • Ice
    • Professional blender
    Half fill cup with ice, add syrups and top with milk. Pour into blender jar, add frappé powder and blend until smooth. Pour back into cup and serve.

    Strawberry & Lime Soda

    • 2 pumps Sweetbird Strawberry syrup
    • 2 pumps Sweetbird Lime syrup
    • Ice
    • Sparkling water
    Combine syrups over ice, add water and stir.

    Apple Pie Latte

    • 4 pumps fruit-flavoured Sweetbird syrup
    • Crushed ice
    • Water
    Fill cup with crushed ice, add 4 pumps of your favourite fruit-flavoured Sweetbird syrup and top up with water. Stir and serve.
    Top tip! Try mixing two flavours such as pineapple and peach – just do 2 pumps of each. The combinations are endless!


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