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Wanted ESE Sumatra Coffee Pods 100x7g

There is a certain romance attached to this Indonesian islands' coffee. Soil, climate and sheer passion are the components that go into the earthy, exciting taste, making it everything the serious coffee drinker wants it to be.
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Wanted ESE Sumatra Coffee Pods 100x7g

Discover the exclusive Wanted Coffee experience - premium quality without the premium price.

Start your day with our Wanted Coffee Sumatra Mandheling, a crowning jewel in our exclusive coffee range. Crafted to exceed expectations, Sumatra Mandheling delivers high-street coffee house quality at impressively competitive prices. Here's a coffee experience that doesn't skin on taste or dive deep into your pockets. From the well-known Indonesian islands, this coffee, marked Mandheling Grade 1 has a fascinatingly complex herbal and earthy aspect to the aroma, unique to the region and not found in South American or African Coffees. This distinctive single origin coffee is made from select beans in a darker roast that perfectly accentuates the rustic, smoky flavours and tones of tropical fruit that Sumatran coffee is famous for.

A sip of Sumatra Mandheling unveils a dense and earthy brew from the Indonesian highlands, a coffee that exhibits rich body, low acidity and a smooth flavour, as well as intense aromas of bittersweet chocolate, tropical spice and hardwood.

What is an ESE Coffee Pod?

ESE pods are Easy Serve Espresso pods, you slap them in your ESE basket in your espresso machine via an adapter (which many domestic espresso machines are supplied with) and use them to pull your shot of espresso, and the idea is that they allow for more convenient espresso, as you don't have to grind and dose the filter, you don't need to tamp, you just have to pop in a pod.

So while using a traditional espresso machine would usually involve grinding coffee, weighing the coffee into the portafilter (dosing), tamping, and using an ESE pod in just a case of putting the pod into the basket in the portafilter. 

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