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Kenco Decaf Vending 300g

Kenco Decaf Vending 300g
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Kenco Decaff Vending Coffee 300g

Kenco freeze-dried decaffeinated coffee. 

For over 90 years Kenco have dedicated themselves to creating coffee pleasure. The coffee you've chosen is specifically selected for vending, carefully blended using high quality beans to give a delicious coffee experience.

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

For the perfect cup of Kenco, we recommend a minimum throw weight of 1.4g per 7fl oz cup water (prepared with 6fl oz/170ml of water). At 1.4g per throw, this bag will make 214 cups of coffee. If you are serving an instant cappuccino or a stronger coffee, simply increase the throw weight until the desired strength is acheived.

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