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Lavazza Gold Selection Coffee Beans 1kg

The Lavazza Gold Selection is a fine selection of washed Arabica from Central and South America, carefully blended with washed and semi washed Robusta - such as Kaapi Royale and Java - and natural Arabica producing a pronounced sweetness, fine acidity and medium body.
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Lavazza Gold Selection Coffee Beans 1kg


Lavazza coffee beans at the best prices

The Lavazza Gold Selection Coffee Beans consist of a premium blend of 70% carefully selected washed Arabica beans sourced from Central and South America. These beans are blended with 30% high-quality washed and semi-washed Robusta beans such as Kaapi Royale and Java to create a perfectly balanced coffee that has a medium body. pronounced sweetness, and fine acidity. Only the highest quality beans are hand-picked from the highlands of Central and South America to ensure a top-notch coffee experience. This delicious blend boasts a pronounced sweetness, with subtle notes of honey and almond, which adds to its smooth taste, making it an ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the very best.

The Lavazza Range

Lavazza's Expert range of coffee beans is perfect for those looking to bring the authentic Italian coffee experience to their office or customers. Whether you're using vending or tabletop coffee machines, these expert blends offer a superior selection of higher grade coffee beans that maintain their organoleptic properties even after prolonged use in the machines. Say goodbye to wasting stale beans! Crafted with four generations of the Lavazza family's dedication to perfecting the art of coffee since 1895, these blends are ideal for grinding professionally, too. Let Lavazza's passion for coffee be your pleasure and elevate your coffee game with the Expert range.


Need Help Picking a Blend?

Embark on your Lavazza journey with our guide and discover a world of exceptional coffee. Not sure where to start? Our comprehensive guide to the most popular lines will help you choose. And if you need further assistance, our team of coffee experts are always ready to guide you in finding the perfect blend to suit your taste preferences.

Each Lavazza blend boasts its unique flavour profile, determined by the origin of the beans, the roasting process and the blend composition. To help you make an informed decision, our guide describes each flavour profile in detail. Whether you crave a light-bodied coffee with delicate notes or a bold, intense espresso, Lavazza has the perfect blend for you.

At Discount Coffee Ireland, we understand that coffee is subjective to individual taste. That's why we sell every blend not only by the case but also in single 1KG bags, allowing you to discover and indulge in your favourite coffee time and time again. So, why settle for mediocre coffee when you can have the best?


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