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Lotus Biscoff Squeezy Sauce - 1kg

Lotus Biscoff Squeezy Sauce - 1kg
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Lotus Biscoff Squeezy Sauce (1kg)

Lotus Biscoff is now available as a sauce. Sold in squeezy bottlesof 1 kg.

Perfect for topping your Crepes, Waffles, Ice Cream and More! The caramelised flavour of Lotus Biscoff adds a delicious sweet depth to hundreds of recipes - both sweet or savoury.


The inspiration behind Lotus Spread The Lotus Spread story begins in Belgium in early 2007 with the simple but brilliant idea of ElsScheppers, a culinary enthusiast. Her idea? Create a creamy sweet spread with the unique taste of Lotus Biscuits. With recipe in hand, Els entered the Belgian prime time TV show “De Bedenkers” (“The Inventors”), competing against 2,000other entrants. On November 25th a jury of food experts and TV personalities chose Els’s Spread recipe as one of the finalists of the competition. LotusBakeries and Els Scheppers worked together to perfect the recipe and so gave birth to this new culinary delight!

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