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Wanted ESE Variety Pack Coffee Pods 100x7g

Wanted Coffee Variety Pack Of 100 Pods, Giving You 4 Different Tasting Pods To Choose From... - BEST SELLER
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Wanted ESE Variety Pack Coffee Pods 100x7g

Variety Pack Of 100 Premium ESE Coffee Pods 


25 x Itaian Espresso
25 x Colombian
25 x French Roast
25 x Sumatra

What is an ESE Coffee Pod?

ESE pods are Easy Serve Espresso pods, you slap them in your ESE basket in your espresso machine via an adapter (which many domestic espresso machines are supplied with) and use them to pull your shot of espresso, and the idea is that they allow for more convenient espresso, as you don't have to grind and dose the filter, you don't need to tamp, you just have to pop in a pod.

So while using a traditional espresso machine would usually involve grinding coffee, weighing the coffee into the portafilter (dosing), tamping, and using an ESE pod in just a case of putting the pod into the basket in the portafilter. 

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