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Wanted Extreme Caffeine Coffee Beans 1kg

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Vietnam is the world's second-largest coffee producer. Vietnam coffee beans have a distinctive taste that is influenced by the country's unique geography, climate, and processing methods. They are typically Robusta beans, which are known for their bold and intense flavour. They are often described as having a bitter and earthy taste, with notes of chocolate and nuts.
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Wanted Extreme Caffeine Coffee Beans 1kg


Brew up something special with our Wanted Coffee range


Discover the exclusive Wanted Coffee experience - premium quality without the premium price.

Sourced from the heart of Vietnam's coffee region, the coffee is first selected for its smooth character and aesthetic, large beans. The high quality beans are then cleaned with a wet polishing system in order to remove any unclean and dusty coffees, leaving only an excellent, high quality Robusta beans. These are much richer in caffeine and antioxidants than Arabica coffees, creating a pure and strong coffee that is roasted dark for a hardcore espresso to get you moving!

Origins: Natural high-quality Robusta from Vietnam.

Composition: 100% wet polished and natural Robusta



We are a multi-award winning, premium coffee roaster based in Ireland. Founded in 2006, we are the only coffee roaster in Ireland to achieve a BRC AA food standard accreditation - the highest quality standard achievable. We specialise in convection roasting and creating coffee blends for a range of clients including airlines, national restaurant chains and high end and independent coffee stores.


Superior roasting using a unique state of the art convection coffee roaster here in Ireland


  1. Energy Efficiency: Loring roasters are known for their energy-efficient design. They utilize a unique single-burner system combined with recirculation technology, which can significantly reduce energy consumption compared to traditional drum roasters.

  2. Consistency and Control: The convection roasting process used in Loring roasters promotes even heat distribution around the coffee beans. This can result in more consistent roasts and better control over the development of flavor profiles. Roasters can fine-tune variables such as time, temperature, and airflow to achieve desired results.

  3. Reduced Environmental Impact: The energy-efficient and smoke-reducing features of Loring roasters contribute to a reduced environmental footprint. 



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