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Unroasted Green Coffee Beans - Brazil Santos - 1kg

Unroasted Green Coffee Beans - Brazil Santos - 1kg
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Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world. With such diversity, the range of coffee that it produces is vast from smallholder farms to vast estates. Soils, regional climate and temperatures make great growing conditions. However, Brazil lacks altitude a factor considered crucial for creating the very best flavours expected from Arabica coffee and much of the coffee is grown at or below 1000m above sea level, much lower than the typical 1400 - 1800 masl that can be found in many other coffee-producing nations.

Our Santos is A high-grade Brazilian coffee, grown in the tropical rolling hills of Minas Gerais that is sweet and smooth and specialises in having an excellent body, a characteristic that is very sought-after making it a favourable blending partner.

This Brazilian coffee has been selected for its strictly soft cup, a grading classification that distinguishes superior coffee.

This coffee is naturally processed, the traditional method of coffee processing. The method used to extract the coffee bean from the cherry significantly impacts the flavour profile.

Natural, dry processing, also called the unwashed method, creates a coffee that is heavy-bodied and retains all its sugars and unique characteristics, making it sweet, smooth, and complex.

This method is risky and requires the perfect climate to be successful, Brazil is one of the few places it can be done, but it is worth it to experience the unique, full flavours of these beans.

Process - Natural

Altitude - 900 - 1100m

Harvest - May-August

SCA score - 80.00

Cupping Notes - Caramel, Cocoa, Dark chocolate, Nutty, Treacle


These are raw beans, directly from the farms. Whilst care has been taken to remove any debris, some may remain.


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