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Poldermill Sprinkler Cinnamon 125g

Poldermill Sprinkler Cinnamon 125g
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Poldermill Sprinkler - Cinnamon Dustin 125g

  • 125g Barista Ground Cinnamon Shaker
  • Luxury Ground Cinnamon Shaker Drum
  • Simple Twist Top Operation

With Poldermill Ground Cinnamon Sprinkles you canquickly and easily decorate your cappuccinos or lattes.

This shaker drum is self contained with 3 sizes ofopening on top to control how much sprinkles you are dispensing each time - noneed to pour the ground cinnamon sprinkles into another shaker to use.

Poldermill Barista Ground Cinnamon Sprinkles arethe perfect alternative to chocolate sprinkle. With Poldermill Barista GroundCinnamon Sprinkles you can add a fantastic finishing touch that your customersare dinner guests will love.

Simply twist the top of the shaker drum to one ofthe three sized openings, and top your drink with these high quality groundcinnamon sprinkles. Poldermill Barista Ground Cinnamon Sprinkles can also beused for topping ice cream and other desserts.

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