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Senseo Sumatra Coffee Pods - 100 x 7.5g

Senseo Sumatra Coffee Pods - 100 Pack
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Sumatra Mandheling Senseo Compatible 62mm Coffee Pods

Senseo Compatible coffee pods: Bag of 100 Premium 62mm Senseo Compatible Coffee Pods for use in coffee machines which use Senseo pods and 62mm coffee pads.

From the well-known Indonesian islands, this coffee, marked Mandheling Grade 1, has a fascinatingly complex herbal and earthy aspect to the aroma, unique to the region and not found in South American or African Coffees.

A dense and earthy brew from the Indonesian highlands, this coffee exhibits rich body, low acidity and a smooth flavour, as well as intense aromas of bittersweet chocolate, tropical spice and hardwood.

There's a certain romance attached to this Indonesian island's coffee. Soil, climate and sheer passion are the components that go into the earthy, exciting taste, making it everything the serious coffee drinker wants it to be.

This distinctive single origin coffee is made from select beans in a darker roast that perfectly accentuates the rustic, smoky flavours and tones of tropical fruit that Sumatran coffee is famous for.


  Strength: 4/5

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